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Recognition of diplomas


Academic recognition is mainly sought with the purpose of continuing the education. However, it is proved that some applicants prefer to get academic recognition document before seeking a job in case of the professions not requiring official recognition (non-regulated professions). Such recognition, for professional purpose, helps contractor to understand the compatibility of the given foreign qualification with the local similar qualification.

For receiving academic recognition you may apply to the National Information Centre for Academic Recognition and Mobility and submit obtained official document to the higher educational institution where you prefer to continue your education. The final recognition is conducted by the HEI where the applicant wants to continue his/her education. The HEI, in adopting the decision, should take into account the advice of NICARM which is the Armenian representative of the international ENIC/NARIC net. NICARM evaluates the foreign qualification and prepares a document which serves as a letter of guarantee for HEI as well as it may be presented to the future contractor in case non-regulated professions.

If you are abroad, you should apply to the HEI which you have chosen for your further education for the academic recognition of your qualification. If you need some information or assistance, you may apply to the National Information Centers for Academic Recognition – ENIC/NARIC network member organization.

In the majority of the countries, just like in Armenia, the final decision on the foreign recognition is adopted by a HEI where the applicant should continue the education.

To apply to the National Information Centre for Academic Recognition and Mobility for receiving academic recognition please visit here.

For more information and legal framework please visit here.

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