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Living in EuropeAccess to the culture of the host country/language coursesArmenia

Access to the culture of the host country/language courses



Armenia is situated at a cultural, historical, and religious intersection and located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, in the southern Transcaucasia. The country spans 29,743 square kilometers of mountainous terrain centered on the Ararat Valley, the heart of the Armenian nation since biblical times. Ancient geographers called the Armenian Highlands the "Island of Mountains" or the "Rooftop of Asia Minor." Located in the South Caucasus, Armenia is bordered by Georgia from the north, Iran from the south, Azerbaijan from the north-east and the south-west and Turkey from the west. The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. The Republic of Armenia consists of 10 administrative regions (Marzes): Aragatsotn region, Ararat region, Armavir region, Gegharkunik region, Kotayk region, Lori region, Shirak region, Syunik region, Vayots Dzor region, Tavush region. Yerevan is a separate administrative region. The biggest cities of Armenia are Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Kapan, Armavir, Gavar, Ejmiatsin, Ijevan, Hrazdan.


The country has a parliamentary system of the government. The Prime-Minister is the head of government and most senior minister within the Armenian government. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of Armenia upon the vote of the National Assembly.


The state religion in Armenia is Christianity. Armenians were the first to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301 AD. Religion is deeply and strongly rooted here. The majority of the Armenians living in Armenia belong to the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox church. The head of the church is the Catholicos (Patriarch) of all Armenians, who resides in Holy Ejmiatsin. For more information about the religious life of Armenians and also related religious events and feasts please visit here (website only in Amenian).


Armenia has a dry tropical climate. Clear sunny days are mostly dominant in a year. The summers are hot here, the temperature fluctuates between +22C to +36C. The winters are mainly cold; the average temperature is between -15C to -1C. The mountain peaks are covered with eternal snow, while their slopes are lined by alpine meadows. The best time to visit Armenia is spring or autumn. Daily weather forecasts can be found here.

Time zone

Armenia Standard Time is 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+4). Starting from 2012 Armenia has abolished daylight saving time.

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Armenian language courses

The official language of the Republic of Armenia is Armenian. Historically being spoken throughout the Armenian Highlands, today, Armenian is widely spoken throughout the Armenian Diaspora. Armenian is written in its writing system, the Armenian alphabet, introduced in 405 AD by Mesrop Mashtots. Besides Armenian, Russian is also widely used, and many can communicate in English, too.

Language International is a special website where you can find the most appropriate Armenian language courses. You can take both as group courses and as well as individual ones directly in Armenia.

Armenian language Practical Course | EduLab - If you study or work in Armenia and want to learn Armenian (as a foreign or native language) or to improve your communication skills for various purposes (е.g. education, business, traveling, volunteering, etc.), the practical course of Armenian, organized by EduLab learning center (Yerevan, Armenia), is for you. The course is held in the heart of Yerevan.

Before starting a course the students (except the starters) take a free test. If you are outside of Yerevan, you can take the online practical course of Armenian. The lessons are via Skype, so you can take them comfortably at your home or office at a time of your choosing.

"Lazarian Dpratoon" is located in the center of Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. “LD” language center offers: § Armenian and Russian courses for foreign learners starting from the beginner level. “Lazarian Dpratoon” language center offers Armenian, Russian, and English courses via Skype.

The special interactive flashcard-based course provides you with the most essential vocabulary and phrases. Easy and flexible online courses for learning Armenian fruitfully.

Armenian Language Tutorial, a fun, free, and easy way towards basic Armenian conversation.

Loescen- is another good way to learn vocabulary, and they have an audio pronunciation for each word. Start with an easy and free online course!



Armenian culture is a rich mixture of flavors, colors, plus outside influences and things that are uniquely Armenian. From the architecture to applied arts, performing arts to literature, culture in Armenia represents the history, lifestyle, aspirations, and beauty of this unique country. The culture of Armenia encompasses many elements that are based on the geography, literature, architecture, dance, foods and music of the people. For more information about the history and culture you can visit:

Top facts about Armenian culture you must know

What can you do and visit while staying in Yerevan

If you are planning a long stay never miss a chance to travel around Armenia and visit the most interesting and beautiful places which are enriched in history and cultural peculiarities:

Culture Trip Armenia

For a more comfortable stay and easy access to the city please click here:

Here you can also use the online operating system to ask for assistance and you can also download the application and use it throughout your whole stay. Besides, there is all the needed information about the museums, art galleries and places of entertainment.

You can also fully integrate into the cultural life of Armenians and look for concerts, cinema, theatre performances, opera/ballet and other entertaining events by visiting Tomasrkgh.

You can easily order online tickets for various events by visiting the website or by downloading the application or simply you can call for assistance: +374 60 276 000


Food is a large part of Armenian culture, a time for socializing with friends and relatives.

Armenian cuisine reveals the geography and history of the ancient country. The cuisine is rich in vegetables, meat, and fish; however, eggplant, lamb, and lavash (flatbread) make up its primary components. Besides, cracked wheat, or bulgur, is often used instead of rice and maize in Armenian cuisine. For more information about Armenian cuisine and traditional food please visit here.

Yerevan is rich in a variety of restaurants and cafes which offer a wide range of food. Nearly all restaurants have online ordering and delivery systems. Besides, there are food delivering companies which manage fast online food delivery system to facilitate your everyday life:



Mobile Phone Operators

There are three mobile phone operators currently in Armenia:

All of them offer two types of subscription plans: prepaid card and post-paid card. Prepaid card is preferable for short stays. The post-paid card is a bit complex subscription, and it’s better for those who plan to stay longer in the country. You are paying a monthly subscription that includes a specific number of minutes for calling, messages, and Internet plans. This type of subscription is usually arranged by a contract for at least 6 months. To purchase a card you need to visit a phone operator center (all information available on their official websites) discuss with an assistant your needs and budget.

For more information about Wi-Fi and Internet coverage in Armenia please visit here.


Traveling in Armenia is far safer than in many developed European countries. The crime rate is very low in Armenia. The citizens and guests can easily walk in the country any time throughout the day, feeling safe. Very few cases of crime do exist. But it can’t be seen for unknown reasons. The citizens and guests always feel safe.

In case of any emergency, you can always turn to a policeman or even a passer-by. They will help, explain, or even accompany you to the necessary place.

For more detailed information about Yerevan please visit the official website of Yerevan Municipality.

Public Transport

One of the most convenient ways to Travel in Armenia is by medium and high capacity buses. Buses and minibuses are a convenient and cheap way to travel around the city, with plenty of sightseeing opportunities along your way. Yerevan bus and minibus fare is only 100 AMD (less than $0.20). Although most people in Armenia speak Russian, and fewer speak English or other languages, it won’t make an issue for travelers around Armenia.

From the airport to the city center one can reach in about 20-30 minutes. Some several minibuses and buses travel to the center. For scheduling a bus trip and access to price list please visit:

Yerevan Metro

The quickest way around Yerevan is by its subway system. The cost is only 100 AMD (less than $0.20), with access to 10 stations. Yerevan metro offers clean and comfortable metro stations, with trains running every five minutes from 6:30, am through 11:00 pm. The Yerevan metro runs an overall distance line of 14 km and has become part of the lives of the locals and visitors alike. During the summer months, when it’s too hot, Yerevan metro becomes the best place to cool off. Except for certain rush hours, the metro is mostly quite empty. You’ll be able to travel throughout the city swiftly and in peace. The frequency of the trains during the busy hours is every five minutes, and the other hours, 15 minutes. The metro stations are located in the most crowded parts with spectacular views. You can buy a ticket at the Metro station otherwise you can choose a card if you are planning to use it for a longer period. For more information please visit here.


Taxi service in Armenia isn’t very expensive, and sometimes it is the better choice when you are in a hurry. The price per 1 km is 100 AMD, but there is a minimum payment of 600 AMD (from 1 to 4 km). The average price for a taxi ride within Yerevan’s center is 600-700 AMD. You can find taxis everywhere. Always choose the ones with meters.

Besides, there are several taxi mobile applications available to enable you to order taxis by a tap or two once you have downloaded the application. You can easily attach your credit card and do not worry about paying in cash. The most popular taxi applications are GG and Yandex Taxi – Book a car.


The Yerevan trolleybus system has been operating since 1949 and forms part of the public transport network in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. If you have plenty of time and you want to save some money you can travel by trolleybus. The trolleybus fare is only 50 AMD, yet it travels slower than other public transportations.

Renting a Car

There are many rental car companies available in Yerevan, with many models to choose from at varying costs. You must present your passport and driver's license to rent a car.

For more details please visit here.

Renting a Bike

During rush hours traffic is overloaded, and sometimes you have to overcome traffic-jam to get from the outskirts to the city center. That’s why you can also rent a bike. There are several bike renting companies that offer bike renting and also some Mobile applications.

  • Good Bike

    Address, telephones

    Armenia, 0010, Yerevan

    Zakyan St., 1 Building

    Mon-Sun 10:30-21:30

    +374 94 641 274 (mobile), +374 95 641 274 (mobile), +374 96 641 274 (mobile)

    Mobile Applications:

    YerevanRide ; Mimo Bike Sharing ; Velopark by Aparg


If you want to travel around Armenia by local train which connects Yerevan to various cities, please see everyday train schedule.