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Foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Republic of Armenia have the right to receive medical care and services under the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, as well as following the international treaties of the Republic of Armenia.

Armenia’s health care system features three principal components: the national or “republican” service level, which provides tertiary care hospitals and an epidemiological service; the regional service level, which provides hospitals; and the municipal and community service level, which has primary health care providers. The key components of the system are the large private hospitals.

For more detailed information on the status of foreigners in Armenia please have a look at  Article 15 of the law on Medical care in Armenia.

If you are seriously ill and require an ambulance, the number to call is 103.

"Ambulance" CJSC carries out the non-hospital quick medical aid to the population of Yerevan with the help of 36 brigades of 7 substations which are allocated in different districts. The "Ambulance" of Yerevan also implements the calls to the regions of RA - sanitary aviation. 36 brigades work 24 hours; the brigades include 23 - linear, 7 - small cardiologic, 10 reanimation, 1 – psychiatric.

Just as in the United States, Armenia uses 911 to handle all types of emergency situations. At this telephone number, operators do speak English, so you should not hesitate to call immediately if there is an emergency situation.


For more information about the health care and assistance, hospitals and polyclinics in Armenia this website can be the most useful during your stay.

For information about free medical aid and services visit here.