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Medical care


Foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Republic of Armenia have the right to receive medical care and services under the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, as well as following the international treaties of the Republic of Armenia.

Armenia’s health care system features three principal components: the national or “republican” service level, which provides tertiary care hospitals and an epidemiological service; the regional service level, which provides hospitals; and the municipal and community service level, which has primary health care providers. The key components of the system are the large private hospitals.

For more detailed information on the status of foreigners in Armenia please have a look at  Article 15 of the law on Medical care in Armenia.

When you become pregnant you should contact your preferable medical center, hospital, or polyclinic for pregnancy registration and then undergo special consultation with your doctor and pass necessary instrumental and laboratory studies for a safe pregnancy period.

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A child born in Armenia acquires the citizenship of Armenia if:

  • the parents hold Armenian citizenship at the moment of the child's birth regardless of the place of the birth;
  • one parent holds Armenian citizenship at the moment of the child's birth, whilst the other parent is unknown or stateless.

If at the moment of child's birth, one of the parents holds Armenian citizenship and the other parent is a foreign citizen, the determination of the child's citizenship is based on the written consent of both parents.

A child of stateless persons who were born on the territory of Armenia acquires citizenship of Armenia.


For more information about the health care and assistance, hospitals and polyclinics in Armenia this website can be the most useful during your stay.

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