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Leaving EuropeDeparture conditions/formalitiesArmenia

Departure conditions/formalities


For those who were hosted in Armenia for research or job

Important! The exit of a Foreign Citizen from the Republic of Armenia may be prohibited:

  • if criminal proceedings have been instituted against him - until the end of the proceedings
  • if he has been convicted - until the end of serving a sentence, or until his discharge
  • if there is a court decision or order in respect of him - until the end of the execution of such decision or order, or his discharge from such decision or order

Here is a small checklist of to –do things that will help you before the departure:

  • Arrange departure formalities with your organisation/university
  • Let the local authority know that you will be leaving
  • Do not forget to settle any issues with your bank in Armenia
  • Cancel utility services – internet, cable, telephone, water, light etc.
  • Contact your host to terminate your rental contract

For those who intend to move from Armenia to another country for research or job

If you intend to move to another country, please first have a look at EURAXESS Jobs & Funding database. After finding your destination the EURAXESS national portals and Service Centers are there to help you. You can find up-to-date information about your host country, get practical advice on moving, and find help with everyday matters and legal issues.

Before departure, make sure you have all the necessary information on:

  • Arrange arrival formalities in the host country
  • Visas, Residence and Work permits
  • Employment
  • The possibility to find a job for your spouse
  • Taxation and Social security issues (Pensions, Health care systems, Insurance)
  • Recognition of the Diploma and Qualification (Academic and Professional)
  • Intellectual Property Rights issues
  • Accommodation
  • Health Care (also for family members)
  • The possibility to attend Language Courses
  • Day Care and Schooling for your children

Also here is the list of Armenian Embassies and Diplomatic representations around the world that might be of help for other issues.