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Entry conditions/visas


Armenia allows citizens of specific countries and territories to visit Armenia for tourism or business purposes without having to obtain a visa or allows them to obtain a visa on arrival or online. For some countries, the visa requirement waiver is practiced on an ad hoc basis and is not formalized by a bilateral agreement. Citizens of the Commonwealth of the Independent States and citizens of all Eurasian Union and European Union member states may enter Armenia without a visa. Citizens of certain countries will need to apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia (MFA) to get the visa. The application should be filed by the host organization.

For a detailed view of the list of the visa-free countries, assistance in visa processes and accurate visa and consular fees information please visit the dedicated section of the MFA.

For the E-Visa application system please visit here.

In case of the necessity of a concrete consultation, you can ask for assistance or free advice from a lawyer. For more information please visit:

For the information about Temporary and Permanent Residency in Armenia please visit the dedicated webpage of MFA.

For the Special residency status information please visit of MFA.