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Health insurance


Health insurance plays a vital role in every person’s life by offering many benefits when adopting the right insurance policy. Many people have international insurance which may be used overseas. Before visiting Armenia, it is necessary to have travel insurance, which will cover the main medical expenses during your stay in Armenia. In case of emergency, you can be assisted in any medical centers in Armenia and then be remunerated by your insurance company. Expatriates living in Yerevan will need to have medical insurance, as it is mandatory for all residents. It is also recommended for expats to add or find Medical Evacuation Coverage (MEDEVAC), because whilst most hospitals provide adequate care, it may be necessary to take you out of the country for treatment and the cost of this can be high. The healthcare system in Yerevan provides national care hospitals, regional hospitals, and primary healthcare providers. In the city, there are numerous hospitals and medical centers, including the internationally recognized ones. For more details about the law on insurance in Armenia please visit here.

If you plan a long-stay in Armenia and you need Health insurance , you can arrange it during your stay in Armenia. You can find all insurance companies which can arrange your insured and safe stay in Armenia here.

Types of Insurance Available.

The only Compulsory insurance:

Car insurance (Some companies have women-only insurance as well)

Useful links: Armenian Motor Insurers Bureau (only Armenian language available).

There are a handful of insurance companies that also offer health insurance both for citizens and foreigners in Armenia. Most of the companies offer online operating systems and online application forms which can be easily found on the official websites and lead to time-saving. The only note for you is to be attentive and read all the points of terms and conditions for avoiding any misunderstandings in the future. By choosing any of the below-listed companies you can easily access the list of their partner medical centers in their websites.

The full list includes:

For more information on health insurance, please contact the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia.

Address: Government Building 3, Republic Square, Yerevan 0010
Tel.: +374 60 808 003 (1112) Hotline: +374 10 528 872