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Accommodation options:

Arranged by the host

Many Armenian host organizations can arrange housing for their Ph.D. students and guest researchers. The institutions cooperate with local agencies to find a temporary residence for their guests. You may contact your host organization for more detailed opportunities beforehand.

Staying аt the hotel

This option may be suitable for a short stay in Armenia as if you are planning a longer stay it may be considerably costly. Nevertheless, there is a variety of hotels to choose from. For a more detailed view about the prices and mapping of the hotels please visit:

Private market

Private rentals are usually the first choice for staying in Armenia as they can easily be rented both for short/long -term stays by foreigners temporarily living in Armenia. For finding the most suitable apartment for your stay please visit:


Assisted by a relocation company

Another option is to contact a Relocation company. Relocation companies specialize in assisting expats moving house and all the issues connected with it. They guide you through the entire relocation process, ensuring that your needs are met through a multitude of assistance services such as cost of living analysis, temporary housing, home marketing, and home-finding assistance, quality household goods mover selection, changing your mailing address, scheduling utility connections, getting your driver's license and registering your automobile, finding daycare, and more. Many of them offer a free consultation so you can see if their services are right for you. For more details please visit: